Chicago Blues

Litsak/ December 10, 2018/ music

Chicago Blues (1920s-40s) The history of the blues plays an integral part in the history of Chicago. Chicago is the 3rd blues capital of the world, preceded by New Orleans and Austin. Some of the very well known names in the blues made their name in Chicago, and some of the finest blues clubs in the world are in Chicago.

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Piedmont blues

Litsak/ November 19, 2018/ music

Piedmont blues (1920s-30s) Piedmont blues is frequently neglected in favour from his more legendary Mississippi Delta cousin. However Its performers were equally as talented as Charley Patton, Son House and business, if only play with different regional accents. The Piedmont refers to that southeastern area of the USA from The Appalachians which runs from Virginia through into the Carolinas and

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Mississippi Delta blues

Litsak/ October 29, 2018/ music

Probably the most influential of the numerous styles of blues music, Mississippi Delta blues, also known as Delta blues, rose from the abundant agricultural triangle situated between Vicksburg, Mississippi, to the south east and Memphis, Tennessee, to the north east, and bordered by the Mississippi River to the west and the Yazoo River to the east. Inside this area, where

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Country Blues

Litsak/ October 18, 2018/ music

Country blues, which is also known as “folk blues” is a chiefly an acoustic guitar-oriented type of blues where numerous other styles derive. It frequently incorporates elements of gospel, ragtime, hillbilly and Dixieland jazz. The popularity and hit recordings of first country blues artists like Mississippi’s Charley Patton or Texas’ Blind Lemon Jefferson have influenced scores of musicians across the

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What is Blues music?

Litsak/ October 11, 2018/ music

What is Blues music? Blues is an African music which traverses a vast range of emotions and musical styles. Feeling gloomy, is expressed in songs whose poetry lament injustice or state longing for a better lifestyle and lost love, jobs and money. But this is a dance music which celebrates pleasure and success. Central to the notion of blues operation

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