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Piedmont blues (1920s-30s)

Piedmont blues is frequently neglected in favour from his more legendary Mississippi Delta cousin. However Its performers were equally as talented as Charley Patton, Son House and business, if only play with different regional accents. The Piedmont refers to that southeastern area of the USA from The Appalachians which runs from Virginia through into the Carolinas and on to Georgia, even though The Piedmont blues style professionals hailed from as south like florida and as north like maryland.

Each of the musicians had their very own fashion, however, the commonalities usually involved a great deal of fingerpicking and greater openness to non blues genres like ragtime and nation, as well as featuring lots of the open tunings and complicated rhythmic syncopations of Delta blues.

Its professionals included Blind Boy Fuller, Furry Lewis, Bob Barbecue, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, and notably Blind Blake and Blind Willie McTell. The Piedmont blues players have been listed in the same age as the Delta players, at the late 1920 and early 1930 s. When the Stones, and Keith in especially, really got into acoustic and open tunings around 1968, the discovery of the Piedmont artists went hand at hand with that of the Delta players.


Born in Florida, Blake was an itinerant performer for most of his brief life, playing in vaudeville shows, occasionally accompanying female witches. He eventually established himself in Chicago where he became renowned as a finger holder and a participant whose capability to present simultaneous rhythms and melodic lines anticipated the capability of Robert Johnson’s comparable gift.

His recorded work testifies to this. Blake died, such as Johnson, in conditions. From the 1960 s, with the folk and blues revival, Blake was particularly admired, and influenced ry cooder among others.

Piedmont blues Blind_Willie_McTell_LOC


Born in Georgia, Mitchell is one of the acoustic best vocalists and guitarists. Starting to record at the late 1920 s, he played a 12 string acoustic guitar on that he not only utilized tremendous rhythm, but additionally an extremely complicated technique of simultaneous guitar picking and slide playing. He’s one of the all time greatest slide acoustic guitar players. Additionally, he composed and recorded many classics such as Statesboro Blues and Broke Down Engine Blues.

McTell’s recordings stopped from the mid 30s due to the Depression, as with the majority of acoustic artists. He was rediscovered periodically from the 40s and the 50s however, recordings have never equaled their previous songs in quality or success.

He remained successful in his home state of Georgia, however, performing until near the end of his lifetime. He became an alcoholic, yet, and at the mid-’50s he quit music becoming a pastor. He died of a stroke in 1959, only in the beginning of the blues and folk revival.

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